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He's an air sign , so a key to knowing if it's a match is discovering his mind. Being on the same wavelength in terms of preoccupations is what creates the foundation. His leanings are toward refined living, and he's likely a bit of a metrosexual.

How to Attract a Libra Man Using the Power of the Zodiac. | The Astrology of Love

That's not to say he's not manly or edgy; Libra actors Viggo Mortensen and Clive Owen spring to mind. You score points when you show that you appreciate his artful eye. This might be complimenting his home decor or his clean and upscale man-style. He knows how to evoke a light, luxurious mood to relax and be sultry in. If you're receptive to his generous moves, he'll keep it up with the romance. A Libra man is attracted to a mate who complements him in every way, including aesthetically. In other words, you have to look good together.

He values women who are well put together, healthy, sophisticated, bright, socially curious, and fair-minded. Above all, honesty will win his heart. Being an excellent conversationalist and having good taste will also score points. Dress well but don't reveal too much; he doesn't want to know everything all at once. That applies to appearance and the inner you, so go slow and let his charm reveal who you are.

If it's right, his inner curiosity will spark a friendship into something more.

Understand that it's not all about sex. However, he hates emotionally draining situations and is unlikely to tolerate an overly-dramatic relationship for very long. Fuss over him, show him that you care and be prepared to be the decision-making component of the relationship and the Libra man is yours for as long as you want him. And why not take a look at our range of products to make yourself irresistible to the Libra man here. Following on from the success of our astrological Love Spells and Affirmations you guys love those things!

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What it's like to date a Libra Man (Read between the lines)

We don't think you should let anything get in your way. We certainly don't think something as tawdry as money should get in the way of true All other things being equal, Harry should be the epitome of Aquarian maleness. But is he? How to attract a Libra man In a hurry? Here are our top five tips for making yourself irresistible to any Libra man : Be quick; the Libra man is never single for long.

How to attract a Libra man

Make plans; a Libra man is all about long-term commitment. Show concern for the less fortunate. Winning a Libra Man.

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What to Wear for the Libra Man The Libra man is fond of the colors pink, purple and green, but only in muted, subtle shades. Sex and the Libra Man The Libra man can be a little tentative, even insecure, when it comes to sex, and this might be misinterpreted as disinterest by his partner. Keeping Your Libra Man Of all the signs of the zodiac, Libra is the easiest to hang onto, due to his abject fear of being alone.

But you notice him always in confusion. He hardly makes up his mind. Being a laborious guy he is money-minded too and likes to make heavy bank balance. His simplicity is charming. Librans are very much attached to nature and culture. He is truly mesmerized by natural surrounded like greenery, river, ocean, hill stations or etc. He has lots of sympathy for man in pathetic condition. Unlike a Virgo man, a Libra man is also very caring about his family. Being a calm and cold person he is optimistic too.

He will not react angrily on you very soon, but will definitely get deeply hurt if you injure him with your bitter words.

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He is extreme aggressive when his limitations of tolerance is over. You will not see a Libra man working causally. He, in fact, always works with fine strategies. His decision-making ability is quite low. And due to this he thinks deeply to take any decision. If anyone challenges his opinions or argues its difficult for him to digest. A Libra man has selective taste, leaning towards the expensive and finest quality. For him, everything should be in order, neat and clean. He dislikes going in dirty places. Mostly Libra men are unhealthy. You can notice illness or health problems in Libra.

Libra Man in Love & Relationships

They are always concerned about their health. Sickness, virus effect cough and cold are common problems found in a Libra man. A Libra man is highly spiritual and believer of God, but often he is also superstitious and believes on supernatural thing.